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Dells latest offerings reflect a new focus on services and solutions as opposed to being just a hardware provider
The Global Information Technology Report 2009-2010 rankings, released by the World Economic Forum, has Sweden on top of the list. This is the first time that Sweden features on top.
BI/data warehousing industry IT outsourcing (ITO) user survey investigates contracts held by ITO users
The company sees the award as endorsing the innovative ways in which its aerospace customers in Asia-Pacific have achieved business benefits by maximizing their enterprise productivity and asset utilization with iMRO
Cloud Computing is maturing so fast and will take on a new path in the next three years time with vendors and enterprises knowing more on the opportunities and challenges it has to offer.
The acquisition aligns with the companys strategy of pushing global expansion and also to move towards eco-friendly services
The CII would push member bodies to provide outsourcing services in IT and BPO areas and other areas including healthcare, manufacturing and financial services, in their business development and operational delivery capabilities.
Electrolux would be looking at making the most of HCLs tools, processes and best practices to reach its business objectives.
The growth strategy is seen as cementing HCLs commitment to the rapidly growing Middle East IT market.
SIM has made public its plans to challenge the traditional offshore outsourcing market leaders by delivering low cost services

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