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The acquisition offer made to Axon by HCL was for $686.06 million
The Enterprise 2.3 solution, which enables enterprise IT staff and cloud services providers to monitor their virtual and physical IT infrastructures with a single, integrated product that costs significantly less than offerings from Big Four providers IBM, HP, CA, and BMC
VMware View 3 is a major step in VMwares vClient Initiative, announced at VMworld 2008 in September, to solve the desktop dilemma. As described by VMware President and CEO Paul Maritz, the desktop dilemma is the business choice of whether to provide thick or thin clients for employees
Windows Essential Server Solutions (WESS) provide SMBs with integrated IT infrastructure that will help save time, money and significantly increase productivity
Offshoring of Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) to India to grow from $1.4 billion to $4.2 billion before year-end 2010, with hardware support services accounting for the majority of those revenues. The banking, financial services and insurance industries (BFSI) are the biggest users of IMS services (at roughly 43 percent of the market)
Managed Services, a key subset of the India domestic IT Services market, set to touch $ 2.78 billion by 2010 on the back of high growth expected in Security, Storage and Data Center services
Understanding the increased need for Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), Maples has introduced a short-term course in the same
SaaS allows organizations to launch software for business functions almost immediately, while maintaining the ability to customize the software in the future for their specific business needs. With a pricing model based on monthly user fees, the initial cost of entry for an organization to launch a new software application is often much lower
HCL's collaboration with Zep represents the value of its recently expanded global services partnership with SAP
The strategic acquisition will enhance HCL's BPO offerings in the Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) space

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