Expanding its cloud computing dole outs, Dell has brought to the cloud computing space a series of solutions based on the new Intel Xeon 5600 platform. The new offerings are being seen as reflecting a new focus on services and solutions as opposed to being a hardware provider.

The company, which had acquired Perot Systems last year and a second services company, KACE, earlier this year, has managed to boost services capabilities by way of the buy outs. The new offerings come about as the first measures in this regard.

Dell highlighted Dell has in fact put forward two strategies for moving to the cloud - the revolutionary road, for green field deployments and the evolutionary road, which involves using existing systems. Further, for new initiatives, Dell has brought forth the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications. This offering is being described as a turnkey private platform-as-a-service, jointly developed with cloud vendor Joyent, to offer pre-tested, pre-assembled and fully-supported hardware, software and services. Dell will be selling and supported these.

The Cloud Partner Program, aimed at those with an existing system, features aspects that are easy to buy and deploy cloud solutions and blueprints optimized for and validated on Dell platforms. It may be noted that Dell already has relationships with VMware and Microsoft to provider virtualization services. It has now added Aster Data for Web analytics, Canonical for an open source Infrastructure as a Service private cloud and Greenplum for self-service data warehousing.

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