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Experts' Views

Deploying a global service delivery model by leveraging the benefits of various geographies and ensuring ultimate risk mitigation and an optimum balance between client satisfaction, quality and cost assumes significance in the present day business environment.
Enterprise 2.0 can be put to use for better productivity and innovation.
Outsourcing strategy is in the process of undergoing a major change where the focus doesnt end with cost savings. It is also aimed at creating more value for customers.
Masking the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems, from server users has turned a trend.

Gone are the days of the Novell Netware environment, which saw the silent hum of the air-conditioning unit in a closeted room with dumb terminals delivering from the mainframe. Virtualized desktops and cloud based services have opened a whole new gamut of computing services.
When the norm of the day is about synergysing IT infrastructure and IT services, Industrialized IT management helps organizations in putting controls while synergyzing both.

Regardless of whether you think the daily news points to the Apocalypse or simply a rough patch of road, todays turbulent business environment can all but paralyze enterprise planning. IT faces this impact as much as any other business function, but the reality is that commerce must continue

There is considerable anxiety and speculation from all quarters on its continued growth and profitability. Equity analysts and industry participants are attempting to determine the likely extent and impact it will have on the industry's and companies' fortunes

While other offshoring services have grown rapidly, the management and maintenance of core infrastructure from afar has been slow to gain popularity. Only a sliver about 7 percent of the addressable market is being captured. But our research suggests that this is about to change. Shifts in customer attitudes and economics could trigger rapid growth for these services, known in the industry as remote infrastructure management

An industry analyst once commented on the criticality of IT Infrastructure to an organizations success, saying, While perhaps not as flashy as iPods, nanotechnology, or service-oriented architecture, IT infrastructure is the plumbing that consumes massive amounts of capital and supports critical commercial activity in the modern world and when it fails, everyone pays attention.

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