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Organizations can now securely host their data or co-locate their own equipment within the facility and connect to their telecommunications carrier of choice
The network manager has begun to tap Netcordia's NetMRI to control configuration and changes attributed to sophisticated networking devices.
Remote Infrastructure Management seen growing predominantly as its is a young industry with a greater head room for growth
Partnership is aimed at boosting customer data security
Cost cuts that were necessitated by the downturn are now off, and companies currently need to look at changing their business strategy
Virtualization, followed closely by Cloud Computing and Web 2.0, has been ranked by CIOs as the top area of focus for year 2010.
The Asia Pacific region, excluding Japan, is estimated to see signs of economic recovery that would boost growth in the infotech services mart
HCL Technologies is well positioned to leverage the structural shifts developing in the market place, say top officials
Vendors of the likes of IBM, HP-EDS, CSC and some Indian tech firms including HCL delivered $83.9 billion worth of infrastructure services last year
The new cloud computing agreement will allow Panasonic employees to function as a globally integrated enterprise.

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