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The advent of remote network operations centre (NOC) services had heralded the arrival of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) in India during the year 2000. Though it had been a slow starter, the adoption of RIM has picked up by enterprises during the past two years. This may be attributed to the rise in demand with companies such as HCL Comnet ushering in a new RIM that held within itself globally benchmarked solutions and processes.
Windows Azure is being accepted by Indian businesses for the fact that it is not only a reliable and scalable platform for customers to access online services, but also for enabling creation of feature-rich applications for different devices and a large set of users without worrying about IT infrastructure.
Experts deliberate on the topic and conclude that it is time companies analyzed their strengths, remained alert about the opportunities, and cautious about the uncertainties in the future
Infrastructure as a Service is seen as being popularized by Cloud Computing and CERN Grids in the near future.
There are a few aspects to keep in mind as you set out on effectively migrating to Windows 7.

Industrialization of IT is characterized by increasing standardization of components and processes, including best practices, selling outcome rather than content and continual process improvement.

Introducing the best of ITT practices where Saas/Cloud computing model provides impetus to HCL MTaaS model.
These leaders and their teams are ready to take on the world -- and the perception that tech's more about cost than innovation

This survey attempts to understand the gap between the value organizations are currently getting from infrastructure outsourcing and the value organizations are potentially seeking from it. Please click here to take the survey

One of the most recent example of the asset-light model is HCL's deal with Reader's Digest Association (RDA). The deal is purely to save on IT spend incurred by RDA. According to this deal, the IT infrastructure will be remotely handled by HCL and the assets such as the hardware and software will not be transferred to the customer

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