Consider this. Enterprise and consumer IT spending is set to move up by 9.1 per cent over 2009. IT Sourcing will zoom to become a $170.5-million industry in 2010. These are research findings that throw light on the current scene in the tech business. One significant aspect enterprises look at very keenly is the forecast that Cloud Computing is maturing so fast, and it will take on a new path in the next three years’ time with realization dawning on vendors and enterprises on the opportunities and challenges the Cloud offers. 

In this context, the April 2010 summit in Cloud Computing and Virtualization assumes added significance. The second Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Summit, which will be an IIR Middle East event, has been scheduled for April 2010, in a bid to aid the region's CIOs, CTOs and technology professionals to make the most of the operational and cost-saving benefits created by the advancements in Cloud Computing and virtualization. 

Research firm IDC has predicted that the Middle East would lead the way in the global emerging market’s quest for a recovery in global IT expenditure in the coming years. IT top brass will have the Cloud to talk about and contemplate on as the most vital issue. CIOs are expected to deliberate much on the potential business benefits of Cloud Computing, it is believed.

When the Summit opens in April, the podium will have pioneers and early adopters from the industry talk, debate and discuss on the Cloud and Virtualization. 

To be held at the Radisson Blu, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the Cloud Computing and Virtualization Summit would come courtesy of Microsoft and Alpha Data, along with Ovum, the official knowledge partner. So it is all eyes on the Cloud. 

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