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Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award 2009 to HCL for its Green Datacenter Services endorses the fact that eco-friendly datacenter can enable growth and make a positive impact on bottomline
HCL is responsible for real-time monitoring and management of the platform, including mission critical applications, databases and infrastructure, using its proprietary MtasS framework
HCL will work with Viacom's strategic & digital platform development team to drive cross-brand initiatives and develop best practices in operations and technology
The contract involves the implementation of over 60,000 ERP licences, making it the largest rollout in terms of licenses issued for any single project in the country
The $350 million seven-year ITO deal is the biggest deal in terms of total contract value won by an Indian vendor in Q1 '09
With Motorola's Advanced Troubleshooting and Self-monitoring at Run Time Radio Frequency (SMART RF) solutions, IT managers can now remotely analyze and perform network testing from a central location as well as take advantage of next-generation self-healing features for hassle-free network management and optimal wireless LAN performance
With a new office in Boulogne Billancourt, Paris, France. Escalating demand for the comprehensive email and file archiving solution, Mimosa NearPoint, continues to drive growth for Mimosa Systems worldwide
The largest infrastructure deal ever for the company, HCL Tech will provide end-to-end global helpdesk and desktop-management including multilingual support
The program is free to join and open to consultants worldwide who want to expand their remote monitoring and management capabilities and reduce their operating costs
The new SLA (Service Level Agreement) governed - SugarCRM Support Program includes a one-stop place for technical support, help desk, system administration, platform administration, and system configuration as well as support for other vendors' products

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