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SaaS (software-as-a-services), managed services and a new set of business models are expected to be deployed on an increasing scale with IT budget constraints being impacted, according to research firm International Data Corp (IDC).
Adoption of virtual desktops would need taking into account performance, network bandwidth, peripheral interoperability and these need be treated as priority. Desktop virtualization, according to Calvin Hsu, director of product marketing with the XenDesktop product group at Citrix, can be interpreted in different ways. While a certain section of the people equate desktop virtualization with VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), it would be better to think of desktop virtualization as being inclusive of multiple architectures that isolate and insulate the OS from applications and from hardware changes.
The company believes that its investment in the New Jersey data center will help its customers significantly improve end-user application response time, reduce TCO and enhance IT performance including proximity benefits to U.S. clients
HCL has brought in business efficiencies and other areas of improvement to attain more cost savings
Anubhav Saxena, VP, Customer Advocacy, North America, HCL Technologies Infrastructure Service Division and Ross Tisnovsky, Vice President, Everest Research Institute share their views on how to get creative with IT outsourcing in order to emerge prosperous from a tough economy.
Cloud computing offers Financial Institutes the capability to create a highly mobile and virtual structure and provides flexibility to scale up/ down based on demand.

The Teradyne-HCL outsourcing engagement demonstrates that although cost management and legacy transformation skills were critical in the vendor selection phase, both parties commitments to supporting each others business goals, underpinned with relationship transparency and flexibility, were the cornerstones of success

Getting their house in order was the first step to Applied Materials recent IT transformation. Outsourcing through the managed-services model was the other. What Group VP and CIO Ron Kifer do right to achieve this in just 10 months?

BSM enables IT to align its daily activities, prioritize the distribution of IT resources and guide future investments according to businessimpact metrics. BSM can also reduce service disruptions by improving your visibility into the performance of your networks, systems, and related components.While BSM can help IT do better, it can also help IT do a better job letting others know how it is doing.
The fledgling discount airline is flying high--and saving money--thanks to an IT infrastructure based on open-source apps, inexpensive servers, and outsourcing

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