The future of the Internet is the mobile phone and people in developing countries like China and India will have only ever accessed the Internet through phones in a short period from now.
Addressing students and instructors at the Kansas University, Brian McClendon, vice president, Google, forecast a scenario where a movement toward storing data remotely would get kicked off, so that users can access it anywhere. He was talking of a movement toward Internet use on mobile phones.

He said cloud computing has been evident in web-based e-mail systems such as Gmail, and in other Google applications such Google Docs, which stores documents and spreadsheets in remote locations so they can be accessed in any location using the Web.

It was pointed out that nearly 3 billion cell phones are in use as of today, and that there exists more than 500 million 3G data subscribers who can access the Internet on their phones. McClendon called upon the audience to familiarize themselves with programming languages such as Java and to work on developing web-based applications for phones.

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