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Experts' Views

The rapid evolution in remote server-management technologies and IT architectures, changes in customer behaviors and demand patterns, and developments in the provider and offshore supply environment is propelling the industry toward accelerated adoption of RIM.

Around 2010, the global operations and infrastructure-services market opportunity will be about $75 to $80 billion. This is significant because today we are achieving just 5 percent of this potential, more...

What are the best practices customers should consider when setting up remote data-center management?

While organizations are busy deploying new IT projects, they must not forget that their IT infrastructure is becoming more complex and difficult to manage. Here, we dissect the various causes of infrastructure complexity and ways to combat this menace

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) expands the limits of outsourcing even as it shakes up the traditional governance role played by IT executives. Will sourcing professionals inherit the burden of sourcing or managing on-demand software initiatives?

The increased outsourcing of network functions encourages the market growth

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