GS100: 2011 Global Services Compendium
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This is neither a study of 100 companies nor a survey aimed at choosing hundred best companies based on financial performance. Hundred best companies they are; chosen through a rigorous methodology that evaluates each company across multiple dimensions, measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. The study presents a complete view of the dynamics of the most significant segments that make up the IT and business process outsourcing industry.

This is not a list of the 100 largest outsourcing vendors. This list reflects the diversity and overall landscape of the service provider community in terms of company sizes, countries of origin and countries of delivery. Fourteen companies in the list have revenues more than $1B and they total up to nearly two-thirds of the overall revenues of hundred companies. Forty-seven companies with revenues between $100M and $1B represent the wide set of companies that have a very different set of aspirations, resource profiles, and impact on the industry compared to former category. And 39 companies with revenues lesser than $100M represent various spots of excellence across delivering a wide set of services globally. Needless to mention, the list is global: it represents companies from 18 countries with operations in 30 countries.

The GS100 Methodology

Companies who opted to participate in the survey were asked to share exhaustive information through an online survey done during 03/11 and 04/11. The top 100 list and the names in the categories are derived using a scientific research methodology based on over 200 data points and several qualitative parameters.
The GS100 model for analysis is based on four primary pillars:
  • Management Excellence (includes revenue, growth, profitability, expansion, M&A, headcount, thought leadership, innovation capability, marketing excellence, leadership quality, resource profile, risk management measures, HR practices and policies, and several other performance indicators)
  • Customer Maturity (paying customers, new customers, verticals represented, geographies represented, sectoral diversity, contract sizes, customer case studies, complexity of projects, marquee clients, important wins, etc.)
  • Global Delivery Maturity (global delivery footprint, type of work done, expansions, headcounts, growth in headcounts)
  • Breadth of Services Portfolio (breadth of capabilities and service offerings across ITO and BPO, domain expertise across verticals, engagement models, vendor management practices, new capabilities and services launched, category leadership, ability to serve niche markets, etc.)
A weighted scoring scheme was used to rate each of the above areas based on a scoring scheme designed by a panel from Global Services’ and NeoGroup's practice experts.
 GS100: 2011 Global Services Compendium
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The 2011 Global Services 100 Companies
P V Kannan
Campbell, (California) USA
Deepak J Patel
Bangalore, India Toronto, Canada
Aparup Sengupta
Mumbai, India
Kenneth W. Swanson
Elgin, USA
William B. Shepro
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Sashi Reddi
Philadelphia, PA
Pavel Adylin
Moscow, Russia
Andrei Pronin
Moscow, Russian Federation
Arup Gupta
Noida, India
Eric Rongley
Shanghai, China
Paul Hermelin
Paris, France
Michael E. Roach
Montreal, Canada
Yu Hong Henry Chen
Hongkong (Beijing), China
Cesar Gon
Campinas, Brazil
Torben Majgaard
Kiev, Ukraine
Hiten Patel
Morristown, (NJ) USA
Jeff Fox
Cincinnati, (OH) USA
Michael W. Laphen
Falls Church, (VA) USA
Arun Nathani
Pune, India
Eugene Goland
New York, USA
Rahul Kanodia
Mumbai, India
William Rose
Rochester, (NY) USA
Patricia Andrea Freitas
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
PD Mundhra and Anjan Malik
Mumbai, India
John Cotterell
London, United Kingdom
Arkadiy Dobkin
Newtown, (PA) USA
Alec Miloslavsky
San-Francisco, (CA) USA
Rohit Kapoor
New York, USA
Matthew Vallance
Mumbai, India
Jean Cholka
San Francisco, (CA) USA
NV Tiger Tyagarajan
NYC, USA and Gurgaon, India
Peter CJ Harrison
McLean, (VA) USA
Martin Migoya
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gonzalo Rueda
Cordoba, Argentina
Vineet Nayar
Noida, India
Sandeep Sahai
Reston, (VA) USA
Juan Navarro
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jamesburg, USA
Diego Zavala
Mexico City, Mexico
Partha Sarkar
Bangalore, India
Parvinder S Chadha
Troy, MI and Chennai, India, USA and India
Leo Apotheker
Palo Alto, CA USA
Madhava Reddy
Troy, CA USA
Sergei Levteev
Prague Czech, Republic
Phaneesh Murthy
Fremont, CA USA
Naresh Ponnapa
Bangalore, India
S. Gopalakrishnan
Bangalore, India
Jack Abuhoff
Hackensack, (NJ) USA
Lie Shi
Hangzhou, China
Susir Kumar
Mumbai, India
Vipul Doshi
Gurgaon, India
Boris Kontsevoi
Wilmette, (IL) USA
B Sumant
Bangalore, India
Sergey Gvardeitsev
Minsk, Belarus
Kishor Patil
Pune, India
Andrey N.Terekhov
St.Petersburg, Russia
Rory Cowan
Waltham, (MA) USA
Hung Quoc Nguyen
San Mateo, CA USA
Daniel Dargham
San Bruno, USA
Dmitry Loschinin
Moscow, Russia
Siby Vadakekkara
Piscataway, NJ USA
Dmitry Ponomarev
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Pradeep Kar
Bangalore, Bangalore
Pankaj Agarwal
Bangalore, India
Krishnakumar Natarajan
Bangalore, India
Vikas Sehgal
San Jose, (CA) USA
Ron Rittenmeyer
Horsham, (PA) USA
Ketan Bakshi
Pune, India
Claudio Muruzabal
Miami, USA
Sachi Gerhlitz
New Jersey, USA
Jiren Liu
Shenyang, China
Atul Hemani
Mumbai, India
Clarence T. Schmitz
Los Angeles & New York (Dual HQ), USA
Shwetabh Kumar
Noida, India
Dr. Anand Deshpande
Pune, India
Arun Jain
Chennai, India
Ajit Prabhu
Singapore, Singapore
Robert Simplot
Edison, (NJ) USA
Alexander Egorov
St-Petersburg, Russia
Leo Ariyanayakam
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
David Garner
Nashville, (TN) USA
Taras Kytsmey
Lviv, Ukraine
B Ramaswamy
Bangalore, India
Maulik Parekh
Metro Manila, Philippines
Kathryn Marinello
Wellesley, USA
Dilip Vellodi
New York, USA
Abdul Hamid Sheikh Mohamed
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Leonardo Covalschi
Santiago, Chile
Prashant Ranade
Troy, (MI) USA
Nitin Shimpi
Pune, India
Matt Moore
Lake Mary, USA
Vineet Nayyar
Pune, India
Jeffrey D. Puritt
Vancouver, Canada
Guillermo Montano
Guatemala, Guatemala
J. Edward Coleman
Blue Bell, (PA) USA
Chris Chen
Beijing, China
Kris Canekeratne
Westborough, USA
T K Kurien
Bangalore, India
Keshav R Murugesh
Mumbai, India
Ganesh Natarajan
Pune, India

The Global Services 100 Lists

By Region:

 GS100: 2011 Global Services Compendium
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