GS100: 2011 Global Services Compendium

Study reveals huge untapped potential for future ADM outsourcing right across both IT development and business functions. According to the survey, 58% of corporates already outsourcing and likely to increase in coming couple of years. Around 10% of the companies will look to start outsourcing for the first time over next year.

Beni Lopez, chief globalization officer, Softtek, said “ Companies are focusing themselves and developing regional strategy, but to make it succeed they need to address the specifics of what's driving their corporate sourcing strategy.”

With the rise of mobile device usage, companies are now more focused on software application development for devices such as the iPhone, Android and iPad. 2011 will experience mobile application development surpassing application development on traditional IT platforms. With increasing demand for access to services and wireless internet connections on the move will push for the development of new solutions to meet this growing demand.

"Future growth for the industry is contingent upon developing new business strategies and models to pursue new markets and using technology to enable this shift. There is a growing demand for applications in mobile and cloud areas, and rich multimedia delivery and storage solutions. The users started considering moving from conventional business models to modern risk-reward approaches, or to combining agile flexibility with fixed price safety,” says Andrei Pronin, General Manager-Auriga.

In 2011, the
market will see an increased push for more comprehensive global IT strategies. Flexibility that Agile software development has provided to smaller enterprises will now be embraced by large corporations to continually transform and thrive in a dynamic environment. In coming year, companies will look for an outsource service provider with the capacity to take over the entire product or application development process, and in some cases, manage the entire business function.


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