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The right delivery starts with the right services location. Watch out for this years top 50 emerging global outsourcing cities, top 8 global outsourcing cities, top 5 offshore nations, next 10 offshore nations, top 10 aspirants, the lists of emerging and emerged cities by functions

Enterprises are now renewing their intentions to move into outsourcing environments in this post-recessionary environment. Unlike pre-recessionary days, however, the very nature of these outsourcing engagements will be more global in nature, and will not involve significant upfront capital expenditure

Many mid-sized and large companies will continue to move into outsourced business environments, despite the recession and political pressures to keep work onshore, reveals the AMR Research-Global Services research report on outsourcing adoption

2008 was an unusual year. Business concerns such as recession and currency fluctuation became the highlights of the last two quarters. Hence, sourcing activities slowed down; consolidations happened in unexpected ways; leading providers posted losses like never before. A look at the survey findings

Welcome to the first every study on sourcing advisory companies that covers the views of service buyers and providers

They are not Bangalores or Makatis yet; but they could get there sooner. There are nine new entrants and six dropouts from the 2007 list. This study identifies those locations that are globally recognized for their "specific" outsourcing services offerings as well as the ones that are establishing themselves as specialized locations for particular outsourcing functions. This year's list has quite a few surprises

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