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While cost containment will continue to be an important factor in the global sourcing decisions of organizations, other factors such as access to a global talent pool, new market entry, and geographic risk diversification have become increasingly important.

Africa has the essential ingredients to be a force to be reckoned with in the global BPO space, and addressing the challenges it faces will enhance its value offering

For offshore BPO providers to succeed, they will have to tackle the Nearshoring challenge.

If you combine lower risks, a better cultural fit and an appetite for investments, you will recognize a pattern for a BUY market in Latin America

Shift in priorities in outsourcing strategies and exponential growth of the outsourcing market has allowed newer offshoring clusters to evolve and flourish.

Countries across Africa are trying to position themselves as competitive destinations for IT/ BPO by promoting low-cost labor and nurturing conditions for a build-up of world class IT infrastructure.

Nearly every provider of IT and Business Process services has wrestled with a Latin American Strategy. The strategic question : Is Latin America a destination of choice, or a destination of convenience?

Africas growth in offshoring has been primarily driven by its low-cost proposition and talent availability in meaningful scale. However, Africa is often perceived as high-risk by foreign investors.Here, the continent is analysed across key decision drivers in location selection.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for organizations to choose but they need to follow a planned and scientific exercise of location selection

Despite the pressure for increased service trade protectionism among many in Western governments and general anti-globalization saber rattling, the use of global sourcing and service delivery models remains strong.
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